When it comes to commercial storefront glass in Pompano Beach, the experts at Miami Commercial Glass are the ones to call. We have been servicing the Pompano Beach area for many years and have a wealth of experience when it comes to installing storefront glass. We can work with any size or type of business, and we will make sure that your storefront glass is installed the first time correctly.

What is the cost of Pompano Beach Storefront Glass Install?

Pompano Beach is a place to find affordable Storefront Glass Install services. Many business owners find that the cost of Pompano Beach Storefront Glass Install is a fraction of that of other places. This is because the Pompano Beach area has many Storefront Glass installation providers who offer competitive rates.

The cost of Pompano Beach Storefront Glass Install will vary depending on the size of the storefront, the type of glass, and the number of installation providers in the area. However, business owners can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for Pompano Beach Storefront Glass Install.

For a small business,  the cost of Pompano Beach Storefront Glass Install can be a significant expense. However, the benefits of having a professional and attractive storefront can outweigh the cost. Business owners considering Storefront Glass Install should request quotes from several providers in the area to ensure they are getting the best price.

Factors that affect the rate of Commercial storefront glass install

Type of Glass you are using:

Different types of glass have different price tags. You will be spending more if you want a tempered or laminated glass. The average cost of storefront laminated glass for a commercial business will lie between $25 to $35 per square foot. If you want a Tempered glass, the cost will be slightly higher, and it will be between $27 to $37 per square foot.

The thickness of the glass:

The price will also be affected by the thickness of the glass. The standard thickness for a commercial storefront glass is 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/4”. If you want thicker glass, then the price will be higher.

Size of the Glass:

Of course, the size of the glass will also affect the price. The bigger the glass, the more it will cost you. The bigger glass will also require more installation time, adding to the cost.

Labor costs:

The final cost will also be affected by the labor costs. If you have a big commercial storefront, it will take more time to install, and you will pay more for the installation. Also, it also matters how many days it will take to install the glass. The average price per day lies between $500 to $700.

6 Advantages of Investing in Storefront Glass Installation

You should consider using storefront glass when building a new retail space or renovating the one you already have if you are building a new one. This design has many advantages for you and your business in terms of the building itself and the way it operates. Here are six benefits of storefront glass for your business that may help you decide if it is the right thing for you to invest in for your business.

1. Increases customer traffic

If your customers don’t know what your retail space offers, they will be reluctant to enter your store. Even though a catchy name and a bold sign may be useful to engage customers, they cannot replace the actual act of demonstrating your products to them. In order to achieve this goal, you can do so by providing large windows that allow potential customers to see the entire store, displaying specific products in enclosed displays, or combining them—displaying particular products while showing the store behind in an open exhibition.

2. Reduce crime

It is impossible to make criminals more miserable than to make them visible. In order for a criminal venture to be successful, it is important not to be noticed by anyone. A large window on the front of your store will allow you to see everything that is inside and will lessen the likelihood of petty thefts taking place in your store.

3. Buildings become more valuable due to it

A significant advantage to owning a retail space is that you have a store. Location is one of the most important factors for stores when looking for a location to rent. A storefront glass can add a sense of distinction to your business. When you decide to sell the building, you can increase the price you ask for and charge more rent.

4. Enhances energy efficiency

Even though they are not expansive displays, most storefronts have some windows. It is likely that older buildings without large glass displays do not maintain a comfortable temperature inside the store due to deteriorated seals around the windows. Because there are so many customers entering and exiting your building on a daily basis, any measures you can take in order to optimize energy efficiency will be of great benefit to you.

5. Enhance employee productivity

The benefits of storefront glass are perhaps not as obvious as they ought to be. The employees are extremely conscious of the fact that they are visible from the outside of the store when it is visible from the outside. There is no doubt that two employees who are aware that they may be observed at any time will do a better job of staying on task and being more productive since they are aware that they might be watched at any moment.

6. Bringing in natural light

Lighting in your store impacts customers’ perceptions of what you are selling and how they feel inside the building. There is nothing better than natural light when it comes to inspiring good feelings. The sun will always shine through your large storefront glass, bringing a sense of warmth to your store.